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Made To Be Played

         The guitars I build are completely hand crafted. Every piece is hand shaped, thinned, sanded, and glued as if it were 1850. Each instrument is as much an individual just as each of us are. I think of them like they were my kids, and live with them during the entire process.  The fact remains that the results of all this passion boils down to a hand crafted guitar that is fun to play with great tone and volume

- Michael Bond -
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  When one Luthier creates an instrument from scratch, every square
millimeter is planned, loved, and carefully crafted by his or her own
hands. Bond Guitars does just that and are "Made to be Played!"

  We believe that one luthier who hand crafts the entire guitar is
beneficial to the end product. It is an obsession with us to not only
craft the guitar from beginning to end by hand, but also to constantly improve on each one.

  Bond Guitars uses Shellack to seal the guitars instead of the industry standard Lacquer. This helps gives the guitar breathability and better tone, it also is much easier to clean and repair.

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